Koshur – Struggling for its Survival!

By: Dr Jalal ud din Shah

4, May 2016 0

Koshur, the language spoken by the people living in and around the valley of Kashmir. The origin of Koshur dates back to thousands of years. Since then, koshur has been among the most spoken languages of Asia. Linguists have also categorized it among one of the sweetest languages. Koshur is the extra ordinary language which not only has its branched ancestory but also shows relationship with Sanskrit, Persian and Urdu. It is also recognized sometimes as one of the ancient mother Languages.
But, it is very unfortunate to say that such an ancient and prosperous language lacks preservity. An estimate shows that among the registered languages of Asia, Koshur is among the last languages in terms of literature. Talking about written literature, which should have been in tonnes in almost all the libraries, but the availability of Koshur books in the libraries could be counted on finger tips. Not only this, those who call themselves, the tycoons of Koshur, use Urdu and English language during conversations and their sucessors don’t even understand their mother tongue (Koshur). Taking all these points under consideration, a question arises: Why?