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Option of Devnagri or Sharda as an alternative Script has given rise to debates and controversies mostly in non concerned circles and those who are concerned and whose voice would matter have chosen silence.
Kashmiri is a spoken language amongst the masses, this fact has to be borne in mind before posting a lengthy reverbatel statement in favor or against the topic , two communities in Jammu.

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Block Experience in Kashmir

By: cbpolicystudies

7, May 2016 0

As part of my Masters programme, I was placed with Borderless World Foundation in Kupwara, Kashmir for the block placement in April-May 2010. The organisation runs homes for girl children in three districts – Kupwara, Budgam and Anantnag. They had also started a home in Jammu by then and had started with the intention of caring for those girls who were half-orphans and were more vulnerable due to.

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Koshur – Struggling for its Survival!

By: Dr Jalal ud din Shah

4, May 2016 0

Koshur, the language spoken by the people living in and around the valley of Kashmir. The origin of Koshur dates back to thousands of years. Since then, koshur has been among the most spoken languages of Asia. Linguists have also categorized it among one of the sweetest languages. Koshur is the extra ordinary language which not only has its branched ancestory but also shows relationship with Sanskrit,.

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