Alternative Scripts of Kashmiri Language is necessary!

27, Jun 2016 0

Option of Devnagri or Sharda as an alternative Script has given rise to debates and controversies mostly in non concerned circles and those who are concerned and whose voice would matter have chosen silence.
Kashmiri is a spoken language amongst the masses, this fact has to be borne in mind before posting a lengthy reverbatel statement in favor or against the topic , two communities in Jammu and Kashmir inside or outside state speak this language and learn to do so from the lap of mother and so it is mother tongue to them, Poets, writers and other men of letters have recorded their artificets and works in different scripts at different stages of history.In Hindu Period Sharda and Devnagri and in Muslim period Nastaleq (Arabic/Persion/Urdu)By our ancestors(Both Muslims and Pandits),Thus the language has with stood like a basement rock against all vagries of denudation, particularly when Persian was official and spoken language parallel to Kashmiri.Folk and Sofi poetry at later stages pusher the uphavel of Persian language apart .
Kashmiri Pandits have tremendous adaptability capacity,Though in minute majority learnt Persian to become big courteors to Kings like Munshi Bhawani Dass Kachru and wrote Poetry of Common Spitural stature in their religious books in Persian or In Kashmiri but in Nastaleq.This adaptability didn’t effect their regious faith nor did their earlier material go obsolete.After partition Pandits started to shift to Hindi and Urdu almost started go to extinction which reached to optimum after 1989.Now the division is evident like it is in Indian Punjabi and Pakistani Punjabi where they are unaware about each others literature after 1947.
If Govt. Of India is contemplating an alternative script for Kashmiri Language to bring it as a Classical language what harm we have .Our literature will reach to Non Kashmiri and both the communities will read it.Why don’t we prepare to learn Hindi as an additional Language.In Hyderabad they have telegu/Sanskrit as languages No-1,Hindi second and English Third language in Board Examinations and all Muslims chose between Telegu/Sanskrit and learnt Urdu at home. So that they can study their hereditary Urdu literature.I think we must come with open mind and not appose Devnagri as alternative Script we must learn Hindi and avoid to speak other mixed languages instead of Kashmiri the Mother Tongue.
My simple question to all my Kashmiri friends is that “Do they really love or respect the mother tongue,do they like to talk to their siblings in this language of Mother.No,don’t lie you don’t. instead when you fight with each other you shower curses and bad languages and all adjectives in non vermicular language.
You don’t communicate, you don’t write or read mother tongue you only speak and now new generation is shy of speaking even.